Our Focuses

Our main focus would be to contribute mobile augmented reality research to the Open Source community. The main aim of Mobile Augmented Reality Research Group (MARRG) is to make people experience low cost mobile augmented reality and make them to freely access and utilize Mobile AR apps in their daily lives.


We are involved in Research & Development of Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR). Our R&D outputs involves new MAR libraries, applications and books.

App Development

We develop Mobile AR, Wearable AR and other AR projects. Recently, MARRG contributed a C# binding library named XamiAndAR.


Most of our projects will be Open Source, we are contributing Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) libraries and applications to developer community.

About us

Our goal is to build mobile based augmented reality research prototypes and projects. We are free to collaborate with institutions, research people, engineers and research centers to scale greater heights by conducting collaborative research in the field of Mobile Augmented Reality (Mobile AR). No doubt, we are a dedicated team of engineers, researchers and scientists who are passionate to support any kind of worthy Mobile AR researches and projects.

In MARRG, we are concentrating on developing Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) projects. Recently, MARRG contributed a C# binding library named XamiAndAR. Go through MARRG Lab Equipment and MARRG Library.

Augmented Reality


Mobile Computing


Wearable Computing


Xamarin Development


The Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, researchers and developers who are augmented reality enthusiasts and who are interested in connecting mobile computing and wearable computing with Augmented Reality to solve real-world problems.

Andrey Drobitko

MARRG Fellow, Lithuiania

Founder and CEO of SketchAR. SketchAR is a fully-fledged tool for teaching drawing using AR. Awarded as The Best Use of AR 2018 by Webby.

Arjun Chandrasekhara


Arjun works as a Mobile Developer. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from The University of Queensland, Australia.

Chetankumar G Shetty

Founder & Contributor

Chetan works as a Project Lead. He is the co-founder of R2F. Previously, he co-founded ExperInn Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and founded ExperInn Research.

Kayvan Mirza

MARRG Fellow, France

CEO and Co-founder of Optinvent. Has built his career in the US and France. Previously held key positions at Invensys, HP etc.

Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Ph.D

MARRG Adviser, Japan

Dr.Kiyokawa was a Research Fellow of the Japan Society. He worked for Communications Research Laboratory. He was a visiting researcher at HIT Labs.

Mark Billinghurst, Ph.D

Chief Adviser

Dr.Billinghurst is one of the world’s leading Augmented Reality scientists and a pioneer of Augmented Reality. Recipient of many prestigious awards.

Michael Zhang

MARRG Fellow, China

He is the Founder and CEO of ARinChina.com. ARinChina is largest AR / VR online communities and media platforms in China.

Mauro Rubin

MARRG Fellow, Italy

Mauro is the Founder & CEO of JoinPad. JoinPad concentrates on AR development. He is also the first SmartGlasses Evangelist for Epson.

Sunag H M


He pursued his Masters in Computer Science from University of New Haven, USA. Currently, employed with Mindtree and works for Microsoft in testing.

Vamsee Krishna


Vamsee works as a Senior Engineer in an MNC. He has been involved in technical writing, reviewing and guidance from quite a long time.




Current Projects


Finished Projects


Free Support

Our Projects

We work on wide range of projects including Mobile Augmented Reality libraries, applications, language bindings etc. Our main concentration is on developing mobile augmented reality using Xamarin and libraries for Xamarin & Windows (8, 8.1, 10) developers using C#. We cover Android, iOS, Windows Tablets, Phones and Windows IoT.


JUNE 18, 2015 - 1st Release

XamiAndAR is a library for developing Android Augmented Reality applications using Xamarin.Android and C#.


December 27, 2015 - Started

ARFHGS stands for Augmented Reality based Fired Home Guided System. Experience of how it looks and feels when your own house being fired up.


January 15, 2016 - Started

An insight into the animal kingdom through the use of mobile augmented reality is made possible by this project.

Contact Us

You can reach to us through E-Mail, Whats App or Phone Call. Most of the e-mails will be responded during weekends. You will get reply within a week. If you have any queries, fill-in following form and send to us.

If you would like to join the core team then, send an e-mail with your detailed CV to enquiry@marrg.org.